Brian has been a Pick programmer since 1987. A native of Orange County in Southern California, he has worked for a large and varied user base from Southern California to New York to points in between. He did about a one-year stint in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009-2010, but he's now back in beautiful Southern California, specifically Capistrano Beach.

Brian is now very happily employed by Rocket Software working in the Rocket D3 Support Department as a Tech Support Engineer. Basically, he gets to spend his day on the phone helping people with programming issues and other system problems. When asked if he ever planned to leave Rocket, he said something about "When Arizona freezes over..."

Brian describes himself as about 90% programmer/analyst and 10% therapist. He is comfortable working side-by-side with business owners and/or their management, programming/IT staff, outside financial and other consultants, sales personnel and end users to design, develop, implement and support new applications and revamp or add to existing ones. Brian is particularly good at visualizing solutions to business problems and is adept at determining when a human solution may be more appropriate than a software solution. He's programmed systems operating on many varieties of multivalue databases from D3 to Advanced Pick to r83 to Pick-like systems from ADDS and C. Itoh. He's developed and maintained applications for just about every kind of business or industry that you can think of, and he brings that wealth of experience and perspective with him to Rocket Software.

If you've got a Pick system in need of application development, re-development, maintenance or migration, give Brian a call. He's got some well-qualified friends who could use the work.